Cultivators grow plants and fungi for Apothecaries. Plants and fungi are grown from seeds and spores, respectively. The quality and quantity of plants a cultivator can grow depends on their skill and the additives used. The products are then used by Apothecaries to create potions and dyes.

Plants have a designated growth cycle separated into three phases. During each of these phases the cultivator has a chance to assist the growth by adding an additive. Additives reduce the time it takes for a plant to grow and increase the chance for a favorable outcome when a plant is harvested.

As the cultivator gains skill, they will gain access to more plots to grow plants in. A cultivator can have up to 4 plots. They start with two and gain access to a new one every 50 skill points, culminating in 4 plots.

Plants 編集

Seeds and plants can essentially be broken down according to the key part of their name (ignoring "seed" and the description before the name). This key part of their name indicates its use in apothecary potions. The prefix varies by rank of seed and combined with the key part of the name shows what herb will be grown.

Seeds and Fungi that result in Apothecary "Main Ingredients"
Type of Ingredient Seed Type 1 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
Ballistics Thief's Nettle Wooly Wiry Scattered Scurfy Whiskered Shaggy Ruffled Scrubby Rugged
Corporeal Resist Gravelnuts Pebbled Jagged Striding Cantering Needled Sharp Serrated Piked Clustered
Energy Dandedragon Swaying Capering Tufted Wispy Wiry Snickering Grinning Blissful Drunken
Flame Breath Argost Creep Smoking Charred Grasping Clawing Curling Coiled Crying Weeping Sunstalk
Healing Spumepetal Glossy 25 50 Bloated Shooting Pitching Heaving 175 200
Intelligence Smedleycap Motley Blotchy Rotting Blighted Crusted Caked Laughing Mocking Hightop
Molotov Pyre Ivy Smoking Charred Fuzzy Patchy Wavering Whispering Crimson-Tipped Yellow-Tipped Ashborn
Napalm Ashberry Simmering Festering Seething Fulminating Smoldering Burning Blazing Fiery Scorching
Restoration Elvish Parsley Musty Bitter Grasping Mordant Pygmy Dwarf Vibrant Aromatic Bittersweet
Spirit Resist Spiderfrond Wispy Brittle Vile Noxious Waving Swollen Webbed Black Spindly
Strength Beardweed Wispy Brittle Arching Curling Pasty Slimy Blossoming Milksap Elder
Willpower Grumpleaf Petulant Frowning Wiry Hairy Ropy Unkempt Frowning Frothing Bitter
Seeds and Fungi that result in Apothecary Side Ingredients
Type of Ingredient Seed Type 1 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
Duration Gobswort Callous Scabrous Coarse Wiry Rose Carmine Wiggly Gauzy Taut
Multiplier Fusk Dusty Sandy Burgundy Scarlet Cloudy Shaded Shadow Wolfpaw Staghorn Majestic
Stabilizer Goldweed Prickly Glinting Spiny Glimmering Thorny Gleaming Barbed Vibrant Majestic
Stimulant Marsh Root Sullen Fretting Cross Gruff Provoked Agitated Livid Angry Savage

Most seeds are cultivated from basic Rank 1 seeds buyable from merchant vendors. The exception to this rule are hybrid seeds. These seeds are always require Cultivation Rank 200, are bind on pickup and will always return the seed when cultivated (even if cultivation fails). The plants grown from them cannot be reaped.

Hybrid Seeds
Seed Potion Effect Seed Potion Effect
Azurethread 100 intelligence, 3% magic crit Nightshade 100 ballistic skill, 3% ranged crit
Black Hellebore 100 toughness, 3% melee crit Pale Serissa 100 wounds, 60 healing power
Black Serissa 100 wounds, 3% magic crit Red Serissa 100 wounds, 3% ranged crit
Bloodnettle 100 wounds, 60 melee power Violetseal 100 willpower, 60 healing power
Crimson Monkshood 100 strength, 60 melee power White Baneberry 100 strength, 60 healing power
Golden Serissa 80 wounds, 80 strength Yellow Honeythorn 100 wounds, 3% melee crit

There are many plants and each has a specific effect when used by an apothecary. Plants also have different base growth times and special results.

Cultivation Time 編集

The amount of time required to cultivate a plant is strictly governed by the rank of the plant. The minimum time is 20 seconds per phase (for a total of 1 minute).

Cultivation Time by Seed Rank
Rank Time
1-25 20
50-75 30
100-125 40
150-200 60

Tier 1 Seeds編集

Cultivating(栽培)/Tier 1 Seeds

Tier 2 Seeds編集

Cultivating(栽培)/Tier 2 Seeds

Tier 3 Seeds編集

Cultivating(栽培)/Tier 3 Seeds

Tier 4 Seeds編集

Cultivating(栽培)/Tier 4 Seeds

Additives 編集

There are three phases to plant growth. During each phase a specific type of additive can be added to the plot for certain effects. The additives reduce the amount of time it takes to grow a plant and increase the chance of more and/or better products. They will reduce the time of a phase by either a percentage of the time left or a fixed amount of time, whichever is smaller.

You can obtain 4 outcomes when planting: success, critical success, special moment and critical failure.

  1. A critical failure will return only a wilted weed. The chance of this occurring can be reduced, but not completely eliminated.
  2. Success gives you 2 Plants/Fungi. The chance of this occurring can be increased by using Nutrients to reduce the chance of critical failures.
  3. Critical success gives you 3 Plants/Fungus. The chance of this occurring can be increased by using Soil.
  4. A special moment gives you 3 Plants, plus an extra plant of a higher rank (or the same rank if rank 200 already), plus a dye pigment (varies by seed). The chance of this occurring can be increased by using Watering Cans and/or Rhya's Fertile Loam.

Phase 1: Germinating 編集


Phase 2: Seedling 編集


Phase 3: Flowering 編集


Pigments & Dyes 編集

Pigments come from special moments in cultivating seeds. The chance of special moment is the sum of the special moment modifiers on the soil, watering can and nutrient used during growth (as seen in the tables above). A pigment can be turned into a Dye by an Apothecary.

Apothecary Skill Name Makes
1 Honeycomb Extract Golden Yellow Dye
1 Resinous Brown Extract Scorched Brown Dye
1 Blue Bottle Fly Extract Seaguard Blue Dye
1 Verdant Leaf Extract Goblin Green Dye
1 Fiery Red Ant Extract Red Gore Dye
1 Crushed Violet Petal Extract Liche Purple Dye

Reaping 編集

With patch 1.2, plants and fungi grown from cultivating may be reaped. You do not need to be a cultivator to do this. Reaping is done by ctrl-right-clicking the plant or fungi to be reaped. Reaping will return a single seed/fungi of the same type and rank and an Arboreal Resin of the same rank as well.

By getting a special moment on a cultivation and then reaping the higher level plant, a cultivator can begin to produce higher rank plants. Reaping is also useful for increasing the number of the same type and rank of seed. Each successful cultivation will return at least 2 plants and these can be reaped to return at least 2 seeds total. The only thing that can get in the way of this are critical cultivation failures, which will destroy your seed.

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