Bastion Stair Exterior

The Bastion Stair is a high-level dungeon, resembling huge steps climbing into a blood-red sky, inhabited by the creatures of Chaos



Players will never encounter the opposing Realm (enemy players) in a dungeon. Even though most dungeons are able to be traversed by both Factions, all dungeons separate players into serparate instances for each Realm. Common to all dungeons however, is that the end boss is heavily instanced so that only a small amount of players can fight it at the same time, regardless of how many players were in the main area of the dungeon.

Unlike many other MMOs, Warhammer Online attempts to keep the number of people in a dungeon at any one time small, by instancing (interestingly, contrary to the philosophy of minimal instancing in the normal game world - outside of dungeons). In terms of instancing, dungeons come in three varieties:

  • Realm Instanced dungeons are only instanced for each side as described above. (Everbody from the same Realm/Faction adventures together in the same instance/version of the dungeon.)
  • Warband Instanced dungeons have separate instances for each Warband (a collection of several 6-man Groups) who adventure together but may not necessarily help each other.
  • Group Instanced dungeons are instanced per 6-man Group, so that each Group of 6 players (who have previously decided upon who is in their Group) experience a separate version of the dungeon, removed from all other players.


Cave lair

Concept art of a cave lair

A lair is a type of secret area in the Warhammer Online world. It could possibly be a cave, a dungeon, a mountaintop; somewhere in the zone that is far off the beaten path, and generally disregarded. What makes lairs special, is that there are no quests or directions leading you there, so they are stumbled upon by explorers who enjoy seeing every nook and cranny of the world. By the number of blank Tome of Knowledge entries available to us which regard lairs, we can assume there is one hidden lair in every zone.

Known Lairs編集

Dungeons by Zone編集

Various zones contain different dungeons, this list organises them into difficulty by Tier:

Zone Dungeon 1 Dungeon 2 Dungeon 3
Tier 1
Mount Bloodhorn
The Blighted Isle
Tier 2
Barak Varr
Marshes of Madness
Troll Country
The Shadowlands
Tier 3
Black Fire Pass
The Badlands Mount Gunbad
High Pass
Avelorn The Lost Vale
Tier 4
Kadrin Valley
Black Crag
The Chaos Wastes The Bastion Stair
Mountains of Caledor
Neutral Zones
Thunder Mountain
Capital Cities
Karak Eight Peaks
Altdorf Altdorf Sewers Temple of Sigmar Crypts Warplight Tunnels
The Inevitable City The Bilerot Burrow The Sacellum The Bloodwrought Enclave
Fist of Malekith