Kadrin Valley
Kadrin Valley
Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Oathbearers
Tier: 4
Paired with: Black Crag
Kadrin Valley map
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Kadrin ValleyOathbearerstier4に属するzoneである。

概要 編集

Kadrin Valley is a portion of the Peak Pass that runs close to a Dwarf city called Karak Kadrin, and is patrolled heavily by the doom-seeking Dwarven Slayers. The slayers are dishonored Dwarfs who have taken an oath to regain their honour by seeking death in glorious battle, hunting down greater and greater enemies to fight. The ruler of Karak Kadrin, King Ungrim Ironfist, has taken the slayer oath himself, and he has turned his keep into a sanctuary for weary slayers who need provisions and rest between quests. A shrine to Grimnir, the patron god of slayers, is located in Karak Kadrin, and many Dwarfs travel here to take the slayer oath for the first time. Slayers who stay at the keep are expected to help the King carry out his oath to guard Peak Pass, which is a route through the World's Edge Mountains between the Empire and the Dark Lands to the east. The slayers dilligently guard the pass against incursions from Greenskins and the followers of Chaos.

In the Age of Reckoning, Kadrin Valley is a vital strategic location for every side. As Grumlok and Gazbag plot their war against the Dwarfs, they know that the most fearsome enemies they face will likely be the Slayers. If King Ironfist is warned of the imminent attack on the Dwarf capital of Karaz-a-Karak by the gathering Waaagh!, he will send a host of slayers to defend the city, lessening the Greenskins’ chances to successfully conquer it. In order to prevent this, the two leaders of the Bloody Sun Boyz decide to launch an attack upon the slayers and engage them in Kadrin Valley, keeping them well away from the capital city of the Dwarfs. A large horde of Orcs and Goblins marches northward from Karak Eight Peaks with orders to keep the slayers occupied.

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