The Assault on Lothern

Cavalry(輸送)、mounted(騎乗)用キャラクターは、WARにおける重大要素の一つだ。 プレイヤーはWARの世界をmount(騎乗)したまま冒険することができ、mountの実行はアイテムを装備するだけで可能である。また、mountできるキャラクターの種類はcareerによって違いがある。騎乗装備の購入はCapitalCity(首都)にいるMountVenderより。



Army Race Mount Cost Requirements
Army icon empire Empire Armoured warhorse 15G R20以上
Army icon dwarf Dwarfs Gyro Harness 15G R20以上
Army icon h-elf High Elves Elven steed 15G R20以上
Army icon chaos Chaos Chaos steed 15G R20以上
Army icon chaos Magus Flying Disc 15G R20以上
Army icon greenskin Orcs War Boar 15G R20以上
Army icon greenskin Goblins Giant wolf 15G R20以上
Army icon d-elf Dark Elves Cold One 15G R20以上

DestructionのMount Vender編集


OrderのMount Vendor編集

MountVendor order Empire首都の左下の赤丸の位置。


There will be three types of each Mount: "Light", "Medium" and "Heavy".[1] Whether it will be three separate mounts or upgrading a single mount is unknown. However, regarding WARs mechanics and philosophy, the latter can be assumed.

With the present information Light mounts are distributed at level 20, Medium mounts at level 30, and Heavy mounts at level 40.

Other Modes of Transportation編集

PCs will not be able to use flying mounts (such as Griffons or Wyverns), but it has been confirmed that NPC special characters will be seen in the game mounted on flying creatures. [2]

Since the Magus are unable to descend from their discs, they will be receiving a visually different & faster disc instead of a Chaos Steed at the appropriate level.

Players are also given the choice of going to a different tier in the beginning levels of the game.


Although there was speculation that WAR will allow PCs to use mounts in combat, following comments from Paul Barnett that both Knight of the Blazing Sun and Chosen careers will be able to fight strongly "with their feet off the ground", it has since been revealed that mounted combat will definitely not be in Warhammer Online at release.[3]

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